Deformed Steel Reinforcing Wire  

                 Rubber Ring, rubber gasket

                 Brass valve, fitting
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 Sunday, September 07, 2008
Xiaomei Li G.M.
About us
Sinoau Technology is an innovative new Australian company representing the best manufacturers of diverse industries of China, supplying wide range of products to the world valued customers. We adopt low cost, guaranteed high quality and reliable delivery policy to meet customers demend.
Our products are extensively used in Australian industries. We currently supply to the world largest building companies as well as many medium and small companies of Australia. Our people has over 20 years experience in import/export and international supply. We have strong basis of skilled professional engineers in different industries. We have strict quality control and test system, combined with our unique arrangement with accredited agent test which is recognizable to Australia such as NATA under the Multilateral Recognition Arrangement, the product quality is guaranteed.
We supply these products:
Steel mesh, Steel wire and rod, Deformed Steel Reinforcing Wire, PC Wire, PC strand and Steel coil, Galvanized coil for manufacture concrete product in building, infrastructure, bridge, and rail and road industry. We also supply cast steel, cast iron product.

Rubber ring, rubber gasket, rubber seals that are widely used in more than 20 countries in Asia , Australasia , Africa and Europe mostly for portable water and drainage system. The quality strictly conforms to AS, EN, BS, DIN, ASTM and other standards.

Brass fitting, brass (Bronze) valve, high pressure gas cylinder valve, chrome plated or zinc plated of most sizes and types, cast/forged brass product used for water and tank system.

We deliver on weekly bases by liner ship from Chinese ports to world wide main ports and deliver to customer stock directly by the cooperation with the logistical services for Door to Door international transportation, just as easy as delivering from next door. We save customer s cost and lead time. We also keep reasonable stock to meet customer s urgent requirement.
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