Cast Steel and Cast Iron product are one of main item in Chinese steel export. We supply in large quantity in low cost to Australian market. The products including pump body, motor part, manhole cover and frame and small precision casting parts. We also supply steel fittings, step iron and other steel products.

We manufacturing according to customer’s specific drawing.

Cast steel and cast iron pallet

We supply Holcim cast steel, cast iron product such as Steel pallet, Socket Former with max DIA. 2400MM for modern concrete pipe production line.

Step Iron

We manufacture according to customers drawings and samples. Currently we have 3 series and over 12 sizes for option.

Chemical and mechanical property of steel bar
STEEL BAR DIA20   Standard require 
C 0.14-0.22
MN 0.30-0.65
SI >0.3
S >0.05
P >0.045
mechanical property  
Yield strength (Mpa) ≥225
Tensile strength (Mpa) 375-500
Elongation (%) ≥25