China has become the world’s largest rubber market and product manufacturer since 2002. The high technology Rubber sealing manufacturing could meet China space industry requirement when China is the 3rd country to lunch people in his own spaceship. It also meets the standard required by the nuclear power submarine that cruises in the ocean. China s rubber sealing technology is among the most advanced in the world.

We supply molding rubber ring from O.D.150mm-2800mm with production capacity over 100 tons per month. We manufacture according to customer s drawings, samples and could supply product design.

Main products:

  • Rubber Ring/Gasket for concrete pipe, steel/iron pipe and plastic pipe, manhole seal.   
  • Rubber Sealing Strip for construction, window, auto and ship.

Main benefit

n             Complete Moulding without JOINTS. No chance to break at JOINTS with O.D. up to 2800mm

n             More ACCURACY in dimension

n             Extra SOFT for perfect sealing and easy installation.

n             Smooth surface without TWIST

n             LONGER servicing life

Production information:

  • Over 100 sets flat compression mold press with pressure from 63t-500t
  • Flat press size from 400mm x 400mm to 3000mm x 3000mm.
  • 3 lines of microwave and hot air rubber extrusion line.
  • The longest production history is started from 1951.
  • Production facilities are certificated with ISO9001 qualification.