China steel industry is most advanced in the world presently. The steel production is the largest in the world which exceed 349 million tons in 2005 and is 1/3 of the world production. The steel export is very strong and largely exports to USA and EUR market. Sinoau Technology kept keen business relation and is the sales agent of Chinese manufacturers. We currently supply various steel products for Australian industry. 

  • Steel wire and rod: 5.5mm-42mm.
  • Steel Reinforcing Wire as per AS/NZS 4671. Deformed/Ribbed/plain: 3.70/4.0/4.7/4.75/ 4.95/5.0/5.55/6.0mm-12mm.                    
  • B500FB/BS DIN B500B
  • Prestressed concrete PC Wire with Chevron indent or Helical rib
  • Straightened-tempered, Removing stress PC Wire,
  • Low relaxation wire
  • PC strand: 1×2, 1×3, 1×7

Manufacture complying with AS, BS, DIN, ASTM standards.

Specifications will be forwarded by request.