China steel industry is advanced in the world. The steel production is the largest in the world since 1996. China steel production in 2006, with 418 million tons, was 1/3 of the world and was equal to the total value of 6 other largest steel manufacturing countries such as Japan, USA, Russia, Korea, Germany and India. The steel products export are strong and mainly exports to USA, EU and other world markets.

Sinoau Technology kept keen business relation in the industry and is the sales agent of some Chinese manufacturers. We currently supply various steel products for Australian industry.  Our professional manufacturers are highly qualified with their biggest and most advanced production lines in Asia. Some production lines are completely imported from Europe. Details lease see specific product subject.

  • Deformed Steel Reinforcing Wire/PC Wire/PC strand
  • Steel mesh
  • Cast steel and cast iron pallet/Socket Former

We could be able to supply other steel products, please send us inquiry with details requirement. We’ll reply ASAP.